This Week in Music: April 4-11 Posted by Brent Taylor in Weekly Bulletins on April 3, 2011

Welcome back! This week will be intense for the jazz students. We will be prepping for the Jazz Night this Friday. This will include lunch time rhythm section sectionals for all big bands. A large team of student volunteers have been planning for many months and we are looking forward to a great night of music. Each of the groups has been asked to supply some food or drink items as listed below. Students are welcome to bring their items to the Music Room office anytime during the day on Friday, or after school on Friday to the large gym. Food assignments are as follows:

Jazz A – pastries: scones, muffins, danishes, tarts, pies etc. (make as much as one store-bought package in the bakery section)
Jazz B - desserts: brownies, cookies, pies, nanaimo bars etc. (make as much as one store-bought package in the bakery section –> eg. 24 cookies, brownies depend on the size, 1 pie etc)
Jazz C – healthier options: veggies + dip, hummus + pita, cheese + crackers etc (one reasonably sized platter, these are popular)
Jazz D – JUNK FOOD! : chips, pretzels, pop, nachos, tortillas etc (each person buys one bag; some students are to bring 1L of pop)
Vocal Jazz – punch, hot chocolate (powder probably), candies and chocolate bars, anything else they would like to see at the event..

- Jazz A and Jazz D rehearsals to prep for Jazz Night
- Jazz B Rhythm Sectional
After School
- Senior Choir dress rehearsal for the Kiwanis Choral Festival
Jazz B rehearsal to prep for Jazz Night
Evening - Symphonic Band tour rehearsal. All members from Block A going on tour need to attend.

Morning - Combo 1 and 2
Lunch - Jazz C Rhythm Sectional
After school - Jazz C rehearsal

After school - Jazz A final rehearsal for Jazz Night

Morning - Jazz B and Jazz C final rehearsals for Jazz Night
Lunch - Jazz D Rhythm Section sectional
After School - Jazz D final rehearsal for Jazz Night

Morning - Combo 3 & 4 rehearsal
Lunch - Jazz A Rhythm Section sectional
After School - Jazz Night Set-up.
All jazz C and D students need to report to the band room to help with set-up for the Jazz Night. This should take about 30 minutes, although students are welcome to stay longer and help. Students will be able to claim service hours.
Evening - Jazz Night 2011
All Point Grey Jazz Groups will be performing. Doors open at 6:00 and music starts at 6:30.
The evening schedule is as follows:
6:30 Combo 4
6:45 Jazz C
7:05 Combo 3
7:20 Jazz D
7:50 Combo 1
8:05 Jazz B
8:35 Combo 2
8:50 Jazz A/ Vocal Jazz/ Jazz A
Jazz A and B students will need to help with the tear down after the Jazz Night is over. Tear down should take about 45 minutes.


Upcoming Events:
April 6-8: Kiwanis Choral Festival
April 11-17: Senior Music Tour to Calgary with Senior Strings, Jazz A, Senior Chamber Choir and Symphonic Band
April 20: Kiwanis Vocal Jazz Festival
May 10-13: Musical Theatre production of “Once Upon A Mattress”
May 31, June 1-2: Year End Concerts
June 11: Jazz A plays at Malkin Bowl