The music department offers awards to encourage the following:

  • Service to the music community at the school.
  • Excellence on their chosen instrument(s).
  • Expand musical understanding by studying more than one discipline to a high level of musicianship.

Course Awards

Course awards are presented to the “top in class” for each grade 12 course (Concert Band, Jazz Band, Concert Choir, Strings, Vocal Jazz).


  • Above 90% (terms 1 and 2 of grade 12 year)
  • Excellence in musicianship (instrument or voice)
  • Musical leadership demonstrated

Department Award

Department awards are school sponsored awards presented to grade 12 students who are community leaders in the music department.


  • 85% or higher (terms 1 and 2 of grade 12 year)
  • Outstanding dedication and leadership towards the music community at Point Grey

Darren Jacobsen Memorial Bursary

Awarded to a grade 12 student who is continuing music education at the post secondary level. This bursary is a cash award which is generously supported by the Jacobsen family.


  • Must be continuing in music at the post secondary level.
    Musical Excellence on instrument/voice, and acceptance into a post secondary musicĀ  program.