Point Grey Music Supporters Society

The PGMSS (Point Grey Music Supporters Society) is a registered Canadian charity that was formed in 1993 by a group of Point Grey music parents.

PGMSS works with both the music teachers and the music students to provide parent volunteers and financial support for program undertakings.  The PGMSS exists to overcome the budget cuts made over the years to public school music programs that have restricted students’ learning opportunities.

At the Winter and Spring concerts and the Jazz Night, the PGMSS rallies parent volunteers to assist with promoting the concerts, setting up refreshment tables and selling raffle tickets.

The PGMSS has a presence at the annual Grade 7 Parent Info Night and helps to educate future Point Grey students and families regarding options available for music electives starting in Grade 8.

The PGMSS hosts the annual Music Department Family Potluck to give music families a chance to meet other families as well as the music teachers on a social basis.

The PGMSS raises money through direct donations and raffle ticket sales and the funds help to ensure that the music program has a financial basis on which to operate.

Over the years, the PGMSS has dispersed funds to help purchase and maintain musical instruments, video recording equipment, sound system and speakers, music stands, sheet music and honorariums for music clinicians – necessary in order for the music teachers to run a successful music program. 

Every June, PGMSS is honoured to present a scholarship at the graduation and awards ceremony to a deserving music student who has shown exceptional talent and has contributed outstanding service to the music program.  Nominations for this award are made by the Point Grey music department.

All Point Grey music families are invited to attend the PGMSS executive meetings which are held on a Monday evening, five times during the academic year.  The meeting dates are posted online on the Point Grey Parent/Student Calendar. 

Donations are always welcome. Please contact the school office to obtain details. Thank you!