Several components make up a music course. The following is a list of course requirements:

1. Music and Technique in Class: 15%

You will be evaluated during class time on technical exercises and on excerpts from the pieces we are practicing. You will also be evaluated on the goals for practice you submit each week.

2. Individual Testing: 20%

At least once per term you will be required to make an appointment for testing. The material to be tested will be based on the music we do in class. It is your responsibility to sign up for a test.

3. Theory: 15%

There will be one theory test each term that will cover any material we have discussed in class.

4. Practice: 20%

In order to develop skills as an individual musician and to improve the quality of the group, practice is necessary. Private home practice is required and 1/2 hour per day is recommended. Grade 8 band students will receive a practice record to be taken home and filled out each week for the first term. In addition to home practice, all students will be evaluated using sectional rehearsals. A ‘sectional’ is defined as any group of two or more people working together on the same music. A sectional rehearsal must be twenty minutes or longer and should be used to work on parts, and on blend and balance. For jazz band, sectionals must be done with your whole section.

5. Attendance: 20%

Attendance at rehearsals and performances will make up a significant portion of your mark. Each student will receive 20 marks at the beginning of each term, which may be decreased for unexcused absences:


Performances are like term projects in a music program; therefore, attendance is mandatory. There will be several performances that you will be required to attend as a member of a Point Grey performing group. These performances are listed on the attached calendar and will not be added to or altered without group consensus. An unexcused absence from a performance will cost you all 20 marks and your future participation in the music department will be in question.


An unexcused absence from a rehearsal will result in a loss of 4 marks. If you are late, it will cost you 2 marks. If your total for term approaches zero, you, your parents, and Mr. Fleming will have to discuss your future participation in the music program.

6. Class Participation: 10%

Easy marks to gain and just as easy to lose. Bring your music, a pencil, an instrument, and a good attitude to class and you will get full marks. Talking out of turn, low effort, and a negative attitude in class will push your mark down. An easy 10% if you watch yourself.

Phones: You don’t need your phone in music class. Leave it in your locker. Each time we see your phone, you will lose 1% off your term mark, to a maximum of 10%. If you reach 10%, a conversation with your parents will ensue so we can work together to try and help you solve what could become a significant personal problem.

Bonus marks: You can earn extra marks by doing extra sectionals, at a rate of 1% each. If you are concerned about your mark, this is a way to help yourself make up lost ground. Like too many phone violations, for example.