Information for Grade 8 Students

Grade 8 Course Selection

Note: Please also consult the general course information page for more information.

Grade 8 music courses run on-timetable (during regular class hours):

  • Beginner Band 8: This class is for those who have no experience playing a band instrument. You will receive help choosing an instrument in the first few classes (possible choices are listed under “Concert Band Level 1” on this page).
  • Intermediate Band 8: This class is for anyone who played a band instrument in elementary school.
  • Beginner/Intermediate Strings 8: This class is for beginners and for people who have played a string instrument before.
  • Choir 8: This class is for beginner and experienced singers.

To summarize, if you are coming into grade 8 and you want to participate in:

  • Band, then choose either Beginner Band 8 or Intermediate Band 8.
  • Choir, then choose Choir 8.
  • Strings, then choose Strings 8.

Get Involved: The Music Students’ Executive

The music students’ executive organizes fund-raising events for students, plans the Jazz Night, helps with preparation and backstage management at concerts, and works on other projects. The music executive is a great way to get involved with other music students, learn to work in a team, and get some experience in a leadership capacity. Involvement is voluntary and we encourage all interested students to come out and see what we’re about.