Senior Spring Concert

We are happy to present our year end Senior Spring Concert concert on June 28th! The show will be a free, “live premiere” on our YouTube channel starting at 7PM PT. Plus, a chance to win a prize from Kerrisdale businesses!

The concert features Point Grey’s Symphonic Band, Grade 9 Band, Jazz A, Jazz B and Chamber Choir. We will be showcasing a variety of pieces from each band, demonstrating their hard work and perseverance throughout the unprecedented school year. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Point Grey Music students have prepared a repertoire to end term, a collection of pieces that compliment the talents of each group and represent the culmination of their year-long efforts.

The concert will be available to watch after Monday evening, but we highly encourage families and friends to tune in live to support the ensembles with the live chat feature.

Click here for the YouTube premiere page.

For more info regarding raffles, click here.

We hope you to see you there!

2020 Portland/Seattle Refunds

Refund cheques were put in the mail on Friday, December 4. Thanks for your patience while the insurance was dealt with. A reminder that the insurance cost was $80/person. If you had paid in full your refund should be $1370, less than that if you had not. If there are any issues with your refund, please send a message to our accountant,

As always, you may contact Mr. Fleming if you have any other questions.

PG Music Hoodies and T-Shirts

The clothing store is currently closed. We will open it again in the new year. There were a number of students who ordered shirts last year and didn’t pick them up. They are in the music office and will be available for pickup when school starts.

Jazz Band A &B 2020/21

While much of this year’s schedule is still up in the air, I can report that both Jazz Bands will continue outside of the timetable for the entire year. We will be rehearsing in the auditorium, while socially distanced, and following the protocols outlined by the VSB and the BCCDC.

Jazz A will rehearse Monday morning and Thursday afternoon. Jazz B will rehearse Monday afternoon and Thursday morning. Unless something changes, rehearsals will start on September 17 for both groups.