Spring Concerts

Spring Concerts are happening June 12 and 13, both starting at 7 pm. June 12 is the junior night and will feature Grade 8 Band, Grade 9/10 band, Junior Strings, Jazz B, Jazz C, and Junior Choir. Senior night is June 13 and features Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Senior Combo, Jazz A, Senior Strings, and Symphonic Band.

9/10 Tour to Whistler

The 9/10 Music Tour to Whistler leaves tomorrow afternoon. Please bring your luggage to school with you in the morning and leave it either in the band room or the choir room, it will be safe. At the end of lunch tomorrow, please bring your luggage/instrument(s) to the auditorium in preparation for loading and departure. You can find the itinerary and suggested packing list here.

Whistler Final Itinerary

Whistler 2019 Packing Guide

Please remember to pack both your “blacks” for the festival performance, and t-shirt/hoodie for clinics and massed concert events.

PG Music Clothing

We have a new t-shirt/hoodie provider. The link is at the top of the page. There are several options on the website including, pullover hoodies, zip hoodies, and t-shirts. New this year is the option to personalize your hoodie with your name embroidered on one of the sleeves. As in the past, if you are travelling with the music department you must have at least a navy, PG Music t-shirt. Feel free to purchase extra clothing in different colours, but the official tour colour is navy. Please note that the company needs to have received your order by the time we go on spring break if we hope to have the shirts before tour.


Grade 8 Loon Lake

With our Loon Lake retreat rapidly approaching, Wednesday next week, here are some important reminders:

You should arrive at school on Wednesday at the regular time (8:30 am) with all of your things and proceed to the auditorium. You should leave all of your things on stage and sit in the audience. You will be given specific instructions about loading. We plan to depart Point Grey at 9:30 am. Everyone received a comprehensive packing list but it is available here on the website. As you are packing please keep in mind that we are spending a lot of time outside, regardless of the weather, and you should pack accordingly. Ultimately you are responsible for ensuring that your instrument, music, luggage, and sleeping bag make it on the bus.

We plan on arriving back at Point Grey around 3 pm on Friday. It is usually a good idea to plan on phoning your parents as we are getting close to the school. You will be dismissed only after the buses have been unloaded and all the gear has been returned to the band room.