Winter Concerts

The Winter Concerts are upon us. Junior night is Tuesday, December 10th featuring; Jazz B, Junior Choir, Junior Strings, Grade 8 Band, and Grade 9 Band.

Senior Night is December 12th featuring; Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Women’s Choir, Jazz A, Senior Strings, and Symphonic Band.

The concerts start at 7 pm. You should check with your teacher for your specific call time. Remember you must check in at the beginning of the concert and check out at the end in order to receive credit.

Lastly, remember to wear your blacks and bring your parents.

Point Grey Music Tours

As in the past, Point Grey Music is offering three tours this year at three different levels. In each case, the deadline for submitting forms and deposits is rapidly approaching. Please feel free to contact Mr. Fleming or Ms. Chen with any questions you may have regarding these tours.

The Grade 8 tour is returning to Loon Lake Camp this year at the end of January. So far the response to this trip has been good. A reminder to all that we would like your forms and payments by October 21, 2019.

The Grade 9 Band/Choir/Strings tour is the Cantando Festival in Whistler BC at the beginning of May. These groups are small this year and a very high percentage of students will be required to make these trips happen. The deadline of October 11th has come, but we are able to extend until October 15th.

The Senior Tour is to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. All eligible students are reminded to submit their deposits of $500 with a copy of their passport by October 21.

Jazz Band Next Year

I have posted the list for next year’s Jazz A outside the bandroom. I don’t believe there are any surprises, but if you find that your name isn’t on the list, please feel free to email me or see me in the first week of September. Note that there are probably one too many alto saxes and someone will have to play bari. Rehearsals will be the same as this year, Monday morning and Wednesday after school.

I have not posted a list for Jazz B, but am confident we will have a good band. The only reason one might not qualify for Jazz B, is if they have trouble keeping up either because they struggle reading music or their technique is holding them back. I will make those evaluations in the first week of rehearsals. For now rehearsals will be the same as last year, Tuesday after school and Friday morning. We can revisit those times in the fall if necessary.

PG Music Clothing

We have a new t-shirt/hoodie provider. The link is at the top of the page. There are several options on the website including, pullover hoodies, zip hoodies, and t-shirts. New this year is the option to personalize your hoodie with your name embroidered on one of the sleeves. As in the past, if you are travelling with the music department you must have at least a navy, PG Music t-shirt. Feel free to purchase extra clothing in different colours, but the official tour colour is navy. Please note that the company needs to have received your order by the time we go on spring break if we hope to have the shirts before tour.