KPLU School of Jazz

Point Grey’s Jazz Band A spent a few days last June with Point Grey alum James Danderfer for a studio session that was broadcast on KPLU’s School of Jazz program. There is an audio-only file of the broadcast, as well as a 20 minute documentary that was shot that features interviews with the students talking about their high school jazz experiences. The whole event was definitely a great way to cap off a great year of music and friends. Check it out on the KPLU website.

Spain Tour Update

With all the messy reassigning of flights and having to hurry up and wait for what seemed like endless hours, with no sleep and haphazard eating arrangements, the students were flawless in their attitude and comportment. There were no complaints, no tantrums, no foot-dragging or bad attitudes – nothing. Just resignation when things didn’t go as planned, sardonic smiles and groans and, through it all, a feeling of “Oh well, at least we’re in this together.” It shouldn’t continually surprise me that our students are exemplary, in their music making and how they handle themselves, but I find that I am continually impressed and proud to be part of such a wonderful group of students.

More details of the trip will follow, but know that this has been a great trip on many levels, and enjoy some of the stories.

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Point Grey Music Gear

Point Grey Music Department T-shirts and hoodies are now available online. We have partnered with Canvus Printing here in Vancouver and they will be making the shirts. They are a green company specializing in a new printing process that is environmentally friendly.

There are a number of different designs. Everyone in grades 9-12 will need the official design for touring; the other designs are completely optional. All designs are available in t-shirts or hoodies; you need to play around with the drop down menus to see all the options. Just ignore the information about the number of hours or days left; this does not apply to us but is part of the store’s software that we can’t change. Merchandise will be delivered to the school for you to pick up from your music teacher.

Any proceeds from the sale of the shirts will come back to Point Grey’s Music Department.

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